Creating a beautiful, meaningful home. Built over time, collected, filled with quality pieces, a story, and love. Taking time in your life for simple pleasures, whether it be cooking or gathering for a meal with family and friends or to make your home a more beautiful sanctuary.  Beauty and utility merge to become a part of your daily life and embody a timelessness that only gets better with age.

This is home. 

We’re driven to create beautiful, long lasting pieces that can be handed down for generations and be of service.  We're honored to be a part of the journey of making your house a home.



Photo Credit: Lauren Gibson Photography

Photo Credit: Lauren Gibson Photography

As young adults, both Nicole and Luke served in the military before leaving to pursue corporate and trade jobs.  They soon realized that they missed the curiosity and creativity they enjoyed as children, so they decided to team up to tap into the strengths of one another and build a creative business.  The result is vestige HOME, whose mission is to create thoughtful goods full of delightful and unexpected details that are crafted with exclusive, hand-selected materials.

All of our pieces are handmade in our small studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Oakland, California.

After serving in the Navy, several corporate jobs, community college classes, and interior design gigs later, Nicole is pursuing her lifelong devotion to designing and making. Whether it be forming a layout for a new mirror, picking the perfect pairing of plants for her garden, or experimenting with new grilled cheese flavors, creativity is a way of life for her and she delights in even the smallest creative endeavors.   

After spending eight years in the Coast Guard where he serviced and repaired all manner of mechanical things, Luke traveled internationally, learning carpentry, farming, various home repairs, and fishing for sustenance.  Luke maintains his ingenuity and creativity that served him well during his travels and is constantly honing his skills and techniques as a craftsman while exploring innovative solutions, whether it be as part of our product design process, his latest tinkering in the workshop, or upgrading his motorcycle. 

We find that creating well-crafted, thoughtful everyday objects is a great way to merge art and design and that our customers appreciate beautiful, thoughtfully designed, hand-made pieces that offer a connection to the artisans who create them, and are truly a “piece of art” 

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