The Kit Pendant is here!

We're so excited to be releasing our Kit Pendant light in our online shop today!  It has been a collaborative project between Luke and myself over the past year and a half.  We knew we wanted to design a lighting piece for the shop and my kitchen when I was renovating my kitchen in Nebraska, but, when I found out a bit unexpectedly that I was moving out to Philly, we tabled the idea until the craziness of moving was behind me.  

Sketching out the initial shape of the shade at the dining room table in Nebraska. 

We really wanted to incorporate a mix of materials: wood and metal ended up making a great combination bridging a couple different design styles.  We considered making it a wall mounted fixture, but decided that a pendant would offer greater flexibility.  We designed it as a plug in version or hardwire for maximum flexibility of installation for various lighting situations.  Over the counter in the kitchen, check.  By your bedside, swagged on a hook, check. Hanging in the hallway, check.  A spot of light in that cozy reading nook, check.  So. Many. Options. Right!?

The process we use to create the shades is called metal spinning, in which a disc of metal is rotated at high speed and formed onto a mold.  This can be done by hand or by a CNC lathe.  Many of the metal shades that you see are manufactured with this method.  From my drawing Luke created a hardwood form which would be used as the mold for all of the shades to be made. 

And then the fun begins, forming the shades, here's Luke in the process of spinning, I'm in great admiration of his concentration, clearly, this is a messy job too....

Our first spun shade is complete so we can see it in 3-dimensions, we were really happy with the results. 

Then we send the shades off to be powder coated to give it a strong, hard finish that is much more durable that a painted finish.  We chose a classic matte white and matte black to offer in our shop, but powder coating can be done in thousands of colors.   A customizable fabric cord adds a subtle pop of color and texture; we have six cord options available.  

Serendipitously, the 8" Tous les Jours hook is the perfect size for turning the pendant into a great wall lamp. 

We've already used one in our guest room by the bedside.  They've been really well received at our recent shows and we've had some orders coming in for them even before we've had them up on the site. If you're looking for a unique piece of handmade lighting for your space, you can head over to our online shop to learn more about our Kit Pendants. xo, Nicole