One Room Challenge-Week Five

Hey guys!  We're in week five of the One Room Challenge and man how does time fly!  If you're just tuning in, you can see the progress via week one, week two, week three, and week four.  I've been working this week to layer in some more elements to the room and it's starting to get the cozy, layered feeling that I had planned for.  I wrapped up on some details like reattaching all the door hardware that I had removed the paint from in week three.  I'm really loving how it turned out, like little bits of jewelery for the doors.  One of my favorite parts of an older home is the originally hardware and now I feel like it can really shine without being coated in white paint. 


How crazy is this color shift too?  These images are of the same wall of the room and show how different the color can look depending on the light (which I love)....also, all these photos have been taken with my iPhone and lack any color correction....I'll have the wait for my photographer to get the best shots of the room.   For now, you get the point on the hardware :) 

Photo Oct 30, 5 02 35 PM.jpg

I also finished adding the hardware to the vintage secretary 

Photo Oct 30, 3 42 40 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 30, 3 42 52 PM.jpg

If you follow along on Instagram stories you may have seen me working on the peg rail late last week.  

Photo Oct 30, 5 00 16 PM.jpg

I finished the liming treatment and attached the custom hooks that I had my super talented brother Luke forge out of steel for me.

Photo Oct 30, 10 24 32 AM.jpg

I love the way the teeny bit of spalting plays with the green in the walls....

Photo Oct 30, 1 58 50 PM.jpg

And the liming and lighter color draws the eye out from the mural.

Photo Oct 30, 5 03 17 PM.jpg

This will be a great spot for displaying some decorative items as well give our guests a spot to hang towels or jackets since since our shared bathroom has limited room for this...I've always felt like this wall needed a peg rail, for YEARS...I'm so happy to see one finally up in the space!

Finally, as you may have seen in the photos above, I also added the rug to the space.  I had a few different options I was considering for the space, but ultimately, this one felt just right.  Cozy underfoot, warm color,  soft to the touch, and the bit of viscose that was added to the wool gives it a bit of a shimmer which moves some light around the room. 

Photo Oct 30, 5 00 58 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 30, 5 08 08 PM.jpg

That's it for this week!  We've got one more week and then the reveal.  A few more major pieces including lighting going in next week and then all the cozy layers and pretty accessories.  Be sure to check out the other participants progress on the space on the ORC website. 

And thank you guys for all your comments and encouraging words! I'd love to know what your thoughts are on the space.  xo, Nicole 

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