One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week Two

Hello friends! It’s week two and so far I am the most behind that I’ve ever been on a One Room Challenge-ha! Ok, maybe that’s not totally true, but with moving to a new house and an extremely busy work schedule, I’m definitely a little behind where I’d like to be, but hey, I’m just gonna roll with it, because honestly, that’s just about all we can do, right?

This week I’m sharing my design plan that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. I hope you've got a cup of something tasty and a comfy chair, because this is going to be a loooong post, and hopefully a good one! If you're just joining in, you can learn more about the room that I’ll be making over in my week one post.

My mission statement for this space is to create a warm, layered space that embodies a sense of time and patina juxtaposed with modern elements. But first, the floorplan, because function is first in any of my design plans.

Queen Master Bedroom_floorplan.jpg

Since the room is long, it makes sense to break it up into zones. As you enter the space, the bed is the first thing you will see through the doorway. `Due to the number of windows in the room, there aren’t a lot of options as to where the bed can sit. I briefly considered putting it on the wall between the entrance and the closet door, but it would really block off the view of the fireplace and I really wanted that to be a focal point in the room. I also considered floating the bed, but that just didn’t seem to be an efficient use of space, and with the king size bed, it really took up a lot of space in the width of the room and left the nightstands and bedside lighting options a bit wonky. So against the wall the bed goes, under the trio of windows, which really aren’t that high off the floor and made finding the right headboard a bit of a challenge.

We’ll have a nightstand on either side of the bed, because, we got stuff!

Queen Master Bedroom_seating area.jpg

Over by the fireplace, we’ll have a couple upholstered chairs, a cozy rug, a coffee table and lighting. I think this will be the perfect place to read before bed as I tend to have a hard time staying awake to read once I curl in under the sheets. Adam and I have started getting up earlier in the mornings for reading and writing, so I think this is also going to get a lot of use at the start of our days.

Queen Master Bedroom_dresser&shelves.jpg

The alcove next to the fireplace was begging for some floating shelves. There’s not going to be a ton of open storage in the room, so this will be a great place to keep a few books and keepsakes, maybe some firewood in the bottom portion and more excuses to feed my ceramics obsession :) My rendering shows this as more of a wood storage area, which I thought would be really cool, especially since we’ll be using the fireplace a ton. After further research and consulting my bug guy, John, I decided against any mass wood storage in the room. The first mention of wood roaches and I was out. In all honesty though, I’m sure you’ve all seen those lovely, stacked wood organizers, and maybe those work if you aren’t bringing in wood from the outside regularly, but it just didn’t seem like it was the solution for us.

We’re most likely going to be using the antique walnut dresser from our other bedroom because we love it. Just because you’re redoing a room doesn’t mean that you have to put everything new in it. Plus, the walnut will bring some warmth to the room and we’ll still have some good wallspace for a small bench and some large scale artwork.

So now that I’ve laid out the floor plan for the room, let’s talk the pretty stuff! As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I want to create a warm, layered space that embodies a sense of time and patina juxtaposed with modern elements.


Some of you might remember that I used Portola Paints lime wash in our previous master bedroom (using a colorblocking technique). Well, I wasn’t ready to give it up, so when I started thinking about what kind of backdrop I wanted for the space, Portola Paint’s lime wash was at the top of my list. I’ll be going with their North Woods color for the walls and Vintage Black for the doors and fireplace.

The fifth wall, soooooft pink. Need I say more? I haven’t decided on an exact color yet because I want to get the lime wash up first and then put some samples up, but I’ll be sure to share when I do.

Window sashes are going black, they’re really gonna pop!


As with most of my work, I like to mix old and new, and this room is no different.

Fall 2018 ORC Plan 2.jpg

I found a beautiful vintage headboard on Etsy that is the perfect height to fit just below the trio of windows, it has a beautiful, soft curve to it and I’ll be sprucing it up with a new color and fresh caning. I’m a bit limited on what I can build from scratch this time around, so while I would have loved to build a platform base, Hayneedle had the perfect, simple, low platform base that will let the headboard be the star of the show.

Nightstands??? Yeah, still working on this one.

Wall mounted lights are a space saver and these have a beautiful vintage vibe with minimalist lines.


I had one of Serge Mouille’s wall lamps in my living room and I have always been a fan of his work. It is the embodiment of organic, modern design. When I was thinking about lighting for this room, I did contemplate putting in another ceiling fan as they are practical, and since we currently don’t have central air, we might be begging for one come next summer. But, ultimately, I thought that this long room needed an equally scaled overhead light fixture, and the long, sculptural arms of France and Son’s Three Arm Lamp is going to be perfect in the space.

Over in the seating area, I’ll be using two of these Embrace green velvet chairs from Article, the clean lines give them a more modern feel and the velvet gives a nod to tradition, it’s the perfect mix.

Hudson Valley Lighting has the perfect gorgeous brass pharmacy lamp to bring in more of a traditional element and I chose this chunky modern coffee table from Hayneedle, not only because I love the shape, but also because I knew we would need a place to put our feet up and this piece felt substantial and sturdy enough to do so.

Adam and I picked out the artwork for the room together and we decided on local artist Kelly Money’s piece from Minted, the colors are so soothing, I can’t wait to wake up to it every morning. Adam, who is an incredible artist himself, was also drawn to Linger by Sarah McInroe, also from Minted. We’ll no doubt be sprinkling in various other items we’re going pull from other areas of the house or find in the next few weeks.


Since the furnishings and some of the lighting pieces are a bit more on the modern side, I decided that I wanted to go more traditional underfoot. The room is about 21’ long and using one large rug would be more than my pocketbook could handle. Plus, I hate to cover up too much of the gorgeous original wood floors. So I opted for two separate rugs, complementary to each other. Having two rugs defines each of the zones of the room as well. I am still finalizing which ones I am going to be using, but the vibe of the ones pictured is what I am going for.


Roller shades are my jam. Since I am going to be painting the window sashes black and there are so many different types of windows in this room, shades are the most practical solution in my mind. They are clean, simple, and unfussy and will look good throughout, rather than trying to figure out a curtain or valance solution that looks good across the whole room. I’m still deciding on the color, but lemme just say that there might be some black shades in the mix! These ones from the Shade Store are at the top of my list.

Whew, so that that’s the plan folks! Now, time to get to work! If you want to follow along on the progress of the project in more real time, be sure to follow along on Instagram where I will be posting regularly on the progress of the project in stories and my feed.

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ORC fall 2018 Small.png