One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week Three

Hey friends! We’re moving along on the progress in our master bedroom, but let me tell you, it has been slow going. Two big pieces arrived this week, the headboard and the lime wash from Portola Paints. Unfortunately, the timing aligned with me being out of town for four days for the Highpoint Furniture show, which I had been planning to attend months in advance. The paint arrived from Portola Paints on Friday afternoon. I was leaving for North Carolina bright and early Saturday morning, so I headed over to the house to start getting a coat of the primer on because I wanted to get at least a little something done before I headed out of town, Shelby graciously offered her supervision services.


As excited as I was for brushing on that yummy lime wash, the first step is to put up the primer, which Portola Paints recommends to help achieve a more consistent appearance and uniform absorption of the lime wash. I’ve primed when I'’ve used the lime wash before and I loved how it turned out, so I’m going with what works.

The primer is really thick, and goes on with a roller, which makes for quick work of the flat surfaces.


It was dark by the time I finished rolling on the coat of primer, and it was getting a bit late for cutting in all the corners, so this is where I ended up leaving things. I left early the next morning for Highpoint, so these were the best shots I could grab of where things stand.


But progress, it’s progress! :)

The headboard arrived from Etsy and I’m contemplating the best way to refresh the caning in it. I’ll also be painting the wood black. The shape is really lovely and it’s the perfect height to sit right below the windows.


So that’s my meager progress this week. I’ll definitely be hitting things harder this week and will have the painting done in the next couple days now that I’m back in town. If you want to follow along on the progress of the project in more real time, be sure to follow along on Instagram where I will be posting regularly on the progress of the project in stories and my feed.

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