One Room Challenge Fall 2018-Week Five

I’m sitting here writing this post in the wee hours of the morning in our new green velvet chairs with my feet propped up and a warm cup of coffee in hand, feeling so close to finishing this room (I’m fooling myself really). This is the last week before the reveal and if you’ve been following along through Week One, Two, Three, and Four, you have seen this room go from bold and bare to layered and cozy. Despite having a full list of things to accomplish before the upcoming photo shoot, some things did take place that are making a big impact on the room and helped me see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

First up, the rug for the sitting area came in! This immediate warmed up the space and rather than have one large rug that would take up the entirely of the room (and my budget), I opted for to separate, but coordinating rugs that will define the sleeping and sitting spaces.


I happened upon this one from Overstock while perusing the internet one day and I thought to myself, “wow, that’s really pretty, I wonder if it looks that good in real life".” In addition to rug shopping being difficult for me in general (I think I have looked at thousands of them for this room already), I am always doubtful when purchasing textiles online as the colors generally aren’t well represented. I took my chances on this one though, because I thought if it really was as good as it is online, it could be a winner. I wasn’t disappointed. It appears almost exactly as pictured and has the perfect muted tones and texture that I was looking for and tiles in with some of the blues and pinks in the fireplace tile. Hooray for small victories!


While I still have a second coat of lime wash to put on the walls and a second coat of trim paint, I couldn’t resist getting started on painting my window sashes black (#instantgratification). I spent a few nights this week putting on the first coat and I love how it’s changed the feel of the room immediately. I have dreamed for years of having black window sashes, they are so striking, and these old windows were the perfect opportunity to try out this concept. I will be doing some scraping of the old white overpainting on the edges to hopefully clean them up a bit more and getting the second coat on over the next few days. I’d love to clean up all the painted and brass hardware on them as well, but time may not allow for that, I’ll wait and see.


Another exciting development is the arrival of our coffee table for the sitting area!


Since there are so many traditional elements in the room, I knew I wanted something modern for the table and I came across this awesome piece from Hayneedle. I also thought that it would be great to have something that could function a bit like an ottoman because we’d be sitting in front of the fire and reading in this area and cozy time was of prime importance. The simple form of this coffee table is the perfect complement to the chairs, and I also like how hefty and solid it is because we are definitely going to be propping our feet up (socks only) on this beauty!


The piece is sold and has a lovely oak grain and dark stain that coordinates really nicely with our antique walnut dresser.


Speaking of, since we finally moved our furniture over here last week, I was able to get the walnut dresser into place and I love how it looks on this wall.

We picked up this dresser for $200 years ago when we lived in Florida and we were told it is from the 1800’s. It was in our bedroom in our last house and although we don’t necessarily need it for clothing storage in this room (our closet is plenty big for all our clothing), I thought it could be great storage for linens and extra blankets since our other closets are quite small.


And how perfect does the Piper Table Lamp from Mitzi look on there too! :)


I’ve been starting to pull together some of the accessories for the room. This gorgeous mirror from Lamps Plus arrived earlier in the week for above the fireplace.


I have ordered numerous lighting pieces from Lamps Plus over the years, but really didn’t have any idea of the breadth of items beyond lighting that the website carried. This mirror was the perfect modern piece that I was looking for for above the traditional fireplace. Every room needs a mirror in my opinion and this one was the perfect combination of simple shapes that I was looking for.

Other items include an etching from the 1800’s of New York and a vintage marbleized pottery piece I picked up on my trip to Colorado this past September.

I also ordered an original art piece that I have been eyeing for months now from my friend Angela Simeone. I love the abstract, natural flow to the piece and the soft pinks and greens are a nod to the furnishings and carpet in the room. She also just released her first wallpaper line and it’s insanely gorgeous, if you’re considering wallpaper for any of your projects, she has a wonderful variety that would make any space feel special.


The countdown is on for the final push and I’m making my final to-do list which includes:

  • Second coat lime wash on walls, paint on trim and windows

  • Lime wash fireplace (I got my first coat on early this morn, but didn’t get pictures into this post)

  • Lime wash doors

  • Paint ceiling

  • Gah! So much painting still! :)

  • Install ceiling fixture (still waiting on arrival)

  • Complete headboard revamp

  • Assemble bedframe

  • Make final decision on rug for under the bed area

  • Build floating shelves in corner by fireplace

  • Hang artwork, mirror, final accessorizing and styling

  • Don’t freak out :)

OK, I’m off to work! As always, I’ll be giving lots of behind the scenes in my Instagram Stories if you aren’t already following along. And thank you all for your heartfelt comments and cheering me on to the finish line, it means so much to me!

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