Holiday Market with Rally

This year feels so special here in Philly as I'm co-hosting a holiday market with Rally and a curated group of some of my favorite artists and designers here in Philly.  Since living in Philly these last couple years the creative community has been so welcoming and encouraging, it feels wonderful to be celebrating the holidays with such a talented group of women!   The event will be held in the beautiful Rally space, Thursday, December 7th from 7-10 pm.  They'll be light bites, drinkies, and a raffle benefitting the People's Emergency Center.  If you're in Philly stop by for some lovely gifts and support local! 

Before the event I thought I'd share a little bit about each of incredible women who are  participating.  You can click through to each of their websites to see more of their work.  Hope to see you at the event if you're in Philly! 

Philly Love Notes 

Scientist, traveler, supporter of the arts, communications strategist and overall Philly Lover.  Emma Fried-Cassorla spent 4 months paper cutting the entire city of Philadelphia and from this endeavor, her custom, laser-cut Philly maps were born. Her made to order maps can be customized with your favorite neighborhoods, first date meetup, weddings, first homes, jobs, or anywhere else you’d like to note a favorite spot in the city.

Ron Nicole 

Philadelphia native Ronni celebrates the beauty of nature through her floral inspired fossils.  She often sources her flowers from her local flower shop, flower farms, trail walks, and her neighborhood, even venturing to knock on a stranger’s door to talk about capturing a perfect specimen from their garden.  Individually designed and cast in a concrete/plaster mix her one of a kind sculptures freeze a moment in time and highlight the subtle beauty of Mother Nature.

Image Credit: Ronni Nicole 

Image Credit: Ronni Nicole 

Asarum Designs 

Dorene Reggiani designs and creates one of a kind jewelry pieces from her studio in Philadelphia. Her organic forms and natural materials create beautifully subtle pieces while textures created through the process of forming the piece become an integral part of the design and highlight the unique and beautiful imperfections of her craft. 

Image Credit: Asarum Designs 

Image Credit: Asarum Designs 

Carla Weeks

British-born artist Carla Weeks’ paintings, textiles, and murals are informed by her interactions with both natural landscapes and the built environment.  Through distillation of pattern and form her 2-dimensional designs communicate a sense of place that is both graphic and serene. Her work spans a broad range including paintings, murals, wallpaper, and textile designs.  Most recently she has completed designs for a line of pillows that can mix effortlessly into your living spaces. 

Curious Clay 

Jannalyn is continually experimenting with color, pattern, and form in her ceramics line, Curious Clay.  From wearable art to mini planters, mugs, and spoons, the pursuit of creative exploration is evident in her delightful ceramic forms and glaze combinations.  Her fearlessness in experimentation makes each piece one of a kind. 

Holiday Collaboration: Veak Ceramics

Collaborating, encouraging, and lifting others up has been on our minds this year and so in that vein, we reached out to three artists and designers to team up and bring you our holiday gift packages that are a combination of each of our unique skill sets. 

From the moment I saw Sarah’s work I had an instant connection. The intention with which she creates her pieces, letting the material speak to her and guide her in it’s formation is much like the pieces that we create in wood.  She has a keen interest in the human experience with art and food and strives to make work that engages the senses with it’s texture, color, and form, and most importantly, that it brings loved ones together for a meal and “merges the human appetite for both nourishment and beauty.” 

Last year Sarah reached out to us about a collaboration.  It was almost holiday at the time, and were were in the midst of moving to Philly, so we tucked the idea away as something we knew we wanted to do in the near future.  The year went on and my obsession for ceramics grew :) When the holidays started to roll around, we knew we wanted Sarah to be part of our first set of collaborative collections.  As a designer, I am continually fascinated with the mix and play of materials and thinking about combining the cool, organic feel of clay with the warm smoothness of wood felt like a perfect match.  


Sarah was born and raised in the southeast and apprenticed with studio potter Renata Wadsworth, where she learned the art of ceramics from throwing pots to building and firing a wood kiln.  Through the years, Sarah has spent time in various studios developing her work and exploration of ceramics.  Sarah recently moved to Kansas City where there is a thriving ceramics community and I’m feeling pretty excited for a meetup next time I’m in town. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Veak Ceramics

Photo Credit: Sarah Veak Ceramics

For our holiday gift set with Sarah we have paired one of her ceramic dipping bowls and one of our hand turned round serving boards in either walnut or figured cherry. The dipping bowl is hand thrown and features a matte white glaze with etched details in a contrasting black glaze, perfect for your favorite sauces, spreads, and snacks.  The round boards make prepping snacks and serving a pleasure and they're perfect for layering with other arrangements and make a stunning display when not in use; crafted of one solid piece of wood that shimmers in the light, it can also be used as a cutting board as well.  

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift created with consideration and intention and will offer lasting service to your gatherings for years to come, this is it.  Head to our online shop to see more and happy, happy, holidays, we’re glad you’re here! 

Holiday Collaboration: Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry

Collaborating, encouraging, and lifting others up has been on our minds this year and so in that vein, we reached out to three artists and designers to team up and bring you our holiday gift packages that are a combination of each of our unique skill sets.

Two moves ago we lived in Jacksonville, Florida and at the time, so did Claire.  I didn’t know her personally, only through her work which I had seen in some local boutiques.  I was just starting out in going more full time in my creative endeavors and I’m pretty sure I was in awe of her being a “real” artist.  At some point, Claire moved back to be near her family in Austin, and we move another one, no, make that two times.  I kept up with her work via social media and last year she reached out about a collaboration.  It was almost holiday at the time, and we were in the midst of moving to Philly, so we tucked it in our back pockets as an idea for the near future.  When we started thinking about working on these collaborative projects for this holiday season, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful Claire’s jewelry pieces would look with our wooden wares, she had recently released her Lanna collection which pays homage to Thailand, also known as the ‘Land of Smiles’.  The pieces unique lines, colors and charms use materials that honor the spirit and love radiating from this beautiful country.  This collection feels both of the moment and timeless with its warm silver and gold and black spinel and turquoise gemstones, a perfect pairing with our pieces.

Claire grew up surrounded by a handmade culture with her parents both being ceramics artists.  She attended Penland School of Crafts in 2009 where she fell in love with the many aspects of metalsmithing.  Her work evokes ancient aesthetics and global culture with attention to detail. 

I love the timeless simplicity to all of her pieces where one can let the eye rest and contemplate the intention that went into the piece.  The forms are versatile for both everyday wear and special occasions.  

Image Credits: Claire Sommers Buck

Image Credits: Claire Sommers Buck

For our holiday gift set we’re pairing a set of Claire’s Wasana stud earrings with a special edition skipping stone catchall dish. We’re offering them in turquoise and black spinel gemstone options with limed ash and black speckled hand turned catchall dishes; the perfect place to corral these precious pieces at the end of the day, as well as your rings or other jewelry.  In Thai, Wasana means ‘lucky’ of ‘bringing good fortune’—a fitting name for an everyday stud and who wouldn’t be lucky to own a pair!? 

If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift that will be cherished and absolutely delight your loved one, this is it.  Head to our online shop to see more.   We'll be highlighting all of our collaborators this week in our journal, we hope you'll stop by to learn about their unique stories as well. 

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