Holiday Collaboration: Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry

Collaborating, encouraging, and lifting others up has been on our minds this year and so in that vein, we reached out to three artists and designers to team up and bring you our holiday gift packages that are a combination of each of our unique skill sets.

Two moves ago we lived in Jacksonville, Florida and at the time, so did Claire.  I didn’t know her personally, only through her work which I had seen in some local boutiques.  I was just starting out in going more full time in my creative endeavors and I’m pretty sure I was in awe of her being a “real” artist.  At some point, Claire moved back to be near her family in Austin, and we move another one, no, make that two times.  I kept up with her work via social media and last year she reached out about a collaboration.  It was almost holiday at the time, and we were in the midst of moving to Philly, so we tucked it in our back pockets as an idea for the near future.  When we started thinking about working on these collaborative projects for this holiday season, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful Claire’s jewelry pieces would look with our wooden wares, she had recently released her Lanna collection which pays homage to Thailand, also known as the ‘Land of Smiles’.  The pieces unique lines, colors and charms use materials that honor the spirit and love radiating from this beautiful country.  This collection feels both of the moment and timeless with its warm silver and gold and black spinel and turquoise gemstones, a perfect pairing with our pieces.

Claire grew up surrounded by a handmade culture with her parents both being ceramics artists.  She attended Penland School of Crafts in 2009 where she fell in love with the many aspects of metalsmithing.  Her work evokes ancient aesthetics and global culture with attention to detail. 

I love the timeless simplicity to all of her pieces where one can let the eye rest and contemplate the intention that went into the piece.  The forms are versatile for both everyday wear and special occasions.  

Image Credits: Claire Sommers Buck

Image Credits: Claire Sommers Buck

For our holiday gift set we’re pairing a set of Claire’s Wasana stud earrings with a special edition skipping stone catchall dish. We’re offering them in turquoise and black spinel gemstone options with limed ash and black speckled hand turned catchall dishes; the perfect place to corral these precious pieces at the end of the day, as well as your rings or other jewelry.  In Thai, Wasana means ‘lucky’ of ‘bringing good fortune’—a fitting name for an everyday stud and who wouldn’t be lucky to own a pair!? 

If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift that will be cherished and absolutely delight your loved one, this is it.  Head to our online shop to see more.   We'll be highlighting all of our collaborators this week in our journal, we hope you'll stop by to learn about their unique stories as well. 

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Food & Wine Feature

We’re honored that the blue black salt cellar has been featured in the Editors Top 10 “Objects of Our Obsession” for the February 2016 issue of Food & Wine Magazine! Special thanks to Style Editor Suzie Meyers and all of you out there who support quality, handmade goods. It’s a stunning issue, packed with all sort of fabulous cozy winter recipes and beautifully photographed, tons of info and eye candy!!  We highly suggest picking up an issue at your local newstand.