The goal for this room was to create a warm, layered space to embody a sense of time and patina juxtaposed with modern elements.  When we first visited the space, we noticed how big it was however, saw that it was lacking in storage and zones for different activities. 

We broke the room up into two distinct areas - a sleeping zone and a reading/relaxing zone. In the sleeping zone, we updated a vintage headboard to include a sleek matte black finish and contrasting caning. Its low-profile keeps the views through the beautiful bank of windows unobstructed. Soft linens and subtle side tables from tree stumps make for a simple spot to place a glass of water or a book. 

The seating area is punctuated by beautiful moss green accent chairs and a modern coffee table, sturdy enough to place your feet on. Task lighting by the chairs provides light for nighttime reading, while an addition of open shelving to a previously unused nook can be used for storing books, moments, and jewelry.  A reproduction of Serge Mouille’s iconic 1958 series center light fixture spans the room to provide lighting throughout. By layering the space with mixed handmade furniture pieces that include modern touches of color, we were able to combine different styles that tie together in color palettes.