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I'm a Philadelphia-based creative and interior designer known for creating spaces that are interesting, engaging, and encourage people to live well. Through carefully listening to client needs and honing years of management experience, I help design projects run smoothly by working with my trade resources, providing detailed plans and expertise on sourcing, and keeping open lines of communication. My greatest joy is in helping clients to create homes that reflect their lives and personalities while honoring the buildings that contain them.

As a young adult I served in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer before leaving to pursue work in the corporate world. With my newfound freedom outside the military, I soon realized that I missed the curiosity and creativity I enjoyed as a child and decided it was time to build a creative business. I started vestige HOME to help people bring beauty and functionality to their homes. I have honed my design skills through my great-grandmother's genes (she was an incredible decorator in her own home), numerous client projects, as well as extensively renovating some of my own homes including a 1925 bungalow in the historic Riverside-Avondale district in Jacksonville, Florida and a 1910 farmhouse in Norfolk, Nebraska and currently working on our own historic home here in Philadelphia.

I studied interior design at Monterey Peninsula College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas. I believe in creating beauty and exercising creativity wherever possible, whether designing a room in a clients house, picking the perfect pairing of plants for the garden, or just setting the table for breakfast on a Wednesday morning.

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