Image Credits: Kyle Smith Born

The owner of a Roxborough bathroom space had a small budget, but that didn’t take away from the charming and elegant space we ended with. We took advantage of the tile already present and picked out cream color used to find a subtle wallpaper. The pop of color and plants add a touch of modern design, without feeling too overwhelming. Using black is a great timeless color that adds to any style. We used that shade to find a subtle wallpaper for the room. It adds modern and graphics nodes, adding an element of surprise without the overwhelming feeling. We knew we needed lots of storage so a vintage medicine cabinet was installed and adds just the right touch of historical reference. A medicine cabinet is the perfect storage solution in the bathroom to hide stuff like shaving cream, floss, etc. Warm gold tones add just the right amount of depth. dimension, and luxury with the updated brass fixtures in the lighting. And Lastly, Nothing makes a space feel more cozy than some hanging plants!